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Say "Hi", because "Hello" is complicated enough!

I have Tumblr:
Tagged by :iconfarkye: (oh you). Sorry for the delay.

1. - You must post these rules.

2. - Each person must share 10 things about themselves .

3. - Answer the 10 questions, then invent another 10 questions for people who will be tagged.

4. - Pick 10 people and put their icons.

5. - Inform them that were tagged them .

6. - Nothing ! "Oh, if you read this , thou art cursed for life with this tagg " .

7. - You should definitely tagger to 10 people .

8. - You can not return the tagg .

9. - Can not say " I will not do this tagg " .

10. - Tagg is done in the journal , not a review, just in journal.

Questions I've got from farkye:

1. - Who's your favorite fictional character?
2. - Best supervillain?
3. - Which site do you visit the most?
4. - How much days could you live without your PC?
5. - Do you prefer 3D or 2D?
6. - What's your favorite national food?
7. - Do you read books?
8. - Dragons or griffons?
9. - What do you like to draw the most?
10. - Do you draw for others?

My answers:

1. - Um, Idunno. Toothless, I guess. Cuz he's cute, he's a badass and he's a dragon.
2. - Darth Vader! Well, if that doesn't count and the quesion is about comic supervillains...  then I'd say Two-Face or Talia al Ghul. But they all seem to be too fanatic for me, to be honest.
3. - Russian analogue of facebook - vkontakte.
4. - My own record is around 2 weeks. I can live without PC, but if so I'll just start to read books and still do nothing useful.
5. - 2D. For art and cartoons I prefer 2D. I just like it, though 3D can be good too, of course.
6. - Блины. Blini. These are thin pancakes.
7. - Yes, I do. Though I didn't read anything for a pretty long time (since this summer).
8. - Pfffffff... dragons. Oh you.
9. - Any cartoonish characters.
10. - Sometimes, yes. It feels good, like gifting.

My questions:

1. - What's your favorite color?
2. - What languages would you like to know?
3. - Movie/book/cartoon/game character you think you're similar to?
4. - Do you like to sing?
5. - Have any plushies? Which one you'd like to have (if any)?
6. - Do you believe in luck?
7. - Favorite mythical creature?
8. - What in your opinion is the main attribute of friendship?
9. - What's your dream?
10. - Do you have any life principles you're trying to follow strictly? If so, name one.

Don't be lazy guys, I CHOOSE YOU:
:iconkmwcartooncentral2: :iconthemefinland: :iconfrozenspots: :iconsquire-boot: :iconmowendesigns: :iconeden-west: :icondragibuz: :iconthe-fire-prince: :iconnepta: :iconthe--demon--within:

Best regards, mates!
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HobbaGobwin Feb 17, 2014  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Thanks a bunch for the fav!
awesome plushies
DanGref Jan 31, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Llama for llama and make a drama, cause we all love Dragons? Llamas for everyone! With greetings from Poland, where be dragons...
Eden-West Jan 30, 2014  Student Digital Artist
LOL oh my god you have so many charizards in your gallery, it makes me so happy! 
Ahaha, yeah, thanks. You probably could notice I actually love Charizards :D
Eden-West Jan 30, 2014  Student Digital Artist
He's such a beast. In black and white 2 I was training one up before charizard got crazy popular again. People would always question it and laugh, until I destroyed their OU and UU teams! >) 
Welp, I never had a chance to get DS (nor 3DS), so the only games I've played are FireRed and Emerald. That's actually sad, because of mega evolutions and stuff. :c And also I've never played a single online battle.
(1 Reply)
MowenDesigns Dec 31, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks for the watch!
np, cool stuff :3
Thanks for the watch! :D
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